Reduce Alcohol


Alcohol can take over without us even noticing. 

Do you spend time during the day thinking about having just one or two alcoholic drinks in the evening only to find yourself wanting more when the glass is empty? 

Do you go to bed fuzzier than you wanted, and then wake up tired and annoyed with yourself only to then repeat the whole thing again?

Alcohol is a contributing factor to many physical and mental illnesses and it's anticipated that there will be over 2,300 hospital admissions due to alcohol every day over the next five years. The estimated cost of this to the NHS will be in excess of £17 billion.

Do you know the dangers? Do you know how much is too much? Do you know how much you spend on alcohol in a month? Does an alcohol free evening leave you feeling anxious or like you've missed out? Are you concerned that you're already drinking too much?

Let us help...