Fears & Phobias


It all started when…

Contrary to popular belief, fears and phobias are treated completely different in the case of hypnotherapy. Say for instance you didn’t like the dentist, so much so that you avoid booking appointments but are still able to withstand talking about it. This is known as a fear. However, a phobia is when you go as far as crossing the road to avoid walking passed a dentist clinic

Most behaviour is learnt from a young age. Many people have the fear/ phobia of spiders and most of us don’t really know why. Usually, it is caused by us locking it into our subconscious mind when we see an authoritative figure, ie, parents, behave in a certain way ( most commonly screaming and jumping up on chairs to save yourself from something that is probably more scared of you that you are of it.). Our young subconscious mind then believes that this is the way we are supposed to behave.

With the help of hypnotherapy, fears and phobias are either massively lessened or completely eradicated. Generating a new belief in the subconscious mind aids to eliminate the problem at hand enabling you to lead a fear and phobia free life.