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Nicola Griggs


Nicola is a Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation teacher. She's also a fully qualified Neuro Linguistics Programming practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises is running courses to change your daily life.

As a single parent to 4 children (2 special needs), and also being self-employed, Nicola felt it was important that she look after her own mental health and stress levels. She learnt a variety of techniques that she has since trained in. This enables her to help others who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression, addictions and unwanted behaviours/thoughts. 

"Just the smallest of changes to our daily lives can have the most profound effects!"  Nicola

Testimonial "Nicola is a warm and friendly person and I immediately felt at ease when going to her for the first time.  She has helped me to become a more positive person and I am much happier and more confident than ever before." LG