Positive Changes


8 Week Positive Changes Course

Sometimes, however much we want to, making a change in our lives (however small), can seem terrifying. Imagine making that terrifying change feel, not only achievable, but easy...

A course to gain clarity for pushing past your problems, be it with career, relationships, addictions, phobias or habits that no longer serve you...  

Science has recently taught us that we CAN change the way we are.  Neuroplasticity means that behaviours, habits, addictions, even unwanted thoughts, can all be changed!

Science also tells us that it takes repetition of things for roughly 60-70 days for our neural pathways to move from the slight trickle of a stream, to a nice full flowing river. That applies to old behaviours/thoughts AND new ways of doing/being/thinking. 

Change can be daunting, but slowly and gradually bringing different techniques into our daily lives can be the most powerful tools. 

These are bespoke courses are tailored to meet your specific needs, so if you're struggling to make positive changes in your life, book a 60 minute session with Nicola per week (for 8 weeks) and learn how to implement simple, easy strategies and incorporate small amounts of mindful awareness on a daily basis. 

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