Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking



THE number one cause of illness throughout the UK. A painful and premature death due to smoking, also leaves loved ones in pain. More than 120,000 people a year die from illnesses caused by smoking and a percentage of this number are people who inhale second- hand smoke. 

The average smoker spends approximately £2000 on cigarettes a year and that number is only going up due to the increase of their sale. 

Have you ever tried to stop smoking? Really tried? Because people who try to stop smoking fail. Most people who have this attitude of ‘trying’ to stop don’t really want to. To be successful in becoming a non-smoker, your perspective has to change to ‘I do not smoke’ in stead of ‘I’ll try to stop’. Hypnotherapy helps change your mind set to think as a non- smoker rather than an ex- smoker. Although, just like everything you do, it requires motivation. It is proven that with hypnotherapy you are five to  fifteen times more likely than if you rely on will power and motivation alone. 

Smoking is a learnt habit which over time, develops in the subconscious mind. When you do not smoke your subconscious mind does what you’ve registered it to do which calculates to ‘I want a cigarette’ in your conscious mind. With hypnotherapy, we are able change that state by safely changing the message your subconscious mind gives to the conscious. 

With the help of hypnotherapy, you can look forward to a smoke- free life.